Feeder Systems


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Email: info@cootevibratory.co.uk

Does your organisation require the ability to FEED, COAT, or METER?

If the answer is “yes”

Have you considered an Electro-magnetic Vibratory Feeder in your processing system?

Products Handled by Vibratory Feeders include: -

  • Confectionary Products  (Sweets, Nuts, etc)
  • Bakery Products (Bread, Cakes, Biscuits)
  • Farm Animal Feed
  • Pet Food
  • Milling Products (Grain, etc)
  • Many Industrial Powders
  • Building Products (Sand, Cement, etc)
  • Coinage
  • Nuts Bolts, Rivets
  • Pharmaceuticals & Toilet Products
  • Plastic Master batch
  • Adding Components to an assembly line

Vibratory Feeders offer the facility to: -

  • FEED a wide range of solids and powders
  • METER to very accurate quantities
  • COAT dust and toppings on to products
  • BLEND a range of materials together
  • WEIGH to a constant value


  • Cost effective, easy installation, minimal maintenance
  • Plug in power supply
  • Accurate control with electronic controller
  • Wide range of feeder sizes to cater for varying throughputs
  • Ability to handle a wide product range

Advice is Free  - Please ask if uncertain of suitability for intended use.

Coote Vibratory Ltd maintain a policy of continued development and therefore reserve the right to introduce changes in design and construction without prior notice.