Bin Vibrators


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  • For use with hoppers, silos, bins etc, to prevent bridging and funnelling
  • Also incorporated in the Coote range of feeder equipment
  • Electro-magnetic drive full wave operation
  • Tuned spring system
  • Aluminium protective housing
  • No routine maintenance
  • Low initial cost
  • Low running cost
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable range of power controllers available

Electro-Magnetic Bin Vibrators VC9 and VC11
Free flow of granular or powdered bulk materials in hoppers, chutes, etc. can be rendered less effective by a number of diverse factors. Density, particle size, shape and humidity of the material are all related to flow characteristics. Size, shape and construction of the hopper introduce a further set of variables.

Interruption of flow usually takes the form of either bridging, where the material forms a self-supporting arch over the outlet or alternatively, funnelling where material clings to the side of the walls and builds up until a narrow funnel only remains. This to may result in total blockage. Mechanical agitation of the hopper contents will usually eliminate most of these problems and Coote electro-magnetic vibrators provide a simple, maintenance free solution.

Coote vibrator units consist of a mains energised electro-magnet acting upon a spring mounted mass. When secured to the side panel of a hopper, vibratory impulses are transmitted into the panel at the rate of 6000 per minute (on 50HZ supply). In turn the panel transfers this vibratory energy into the bulk of the material contained in the hopper.

Drill hopper wall to appropriate dimensions.
M6 bolts - VC9 and M10 bolts - VC11. Fix using nuts and spring washers supplied..

The effectiveness of the vibrator installation depends on the construction and wall thickness of hopper.

Suitability of either vibrator for a range of wall thickness is up to 1.6mm - VC9 and up to 5mm  - VC11.

The most effective position for the unit is usually in the lower part of the hopper, in the centre of the panel. Avoid the proximity of any stiffener.


Coil and laminated cores mounted between aluminium castings in tuned spring suspension system..

Heavy gauge fabricated aluminium outer housing with stainless steel mounting studs and nuts.

230v - 1ph - 50HZ  (Other voltages available to special order).

Successful application of a vibrator is not totally in accordance with any set of definite rules. Coote Limited have long experience of a wide range of applications and can provide a useful advisory service to assist customers when they encounter difficulties.

Advice is Free  - Please ask if uncertain of suitability for intended use.

Coote Vibratory Ltd maintain a policy of continued development and therefore reserve the right to introduce changes in design and construction without prior notice.