Sensor Switch


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  • Sensing of a wide range of materials
  • Capacitive proximity switching
  • Range adjustment
  • Time delay adjustment
  • On/Off load switching
  • Power supply options

Switch Description
A proxwitch contains electronic circuitry that is sensitive to materials close to its front face. Its operation is solid state and has no moving parts except for the output relay. When the circuit is triggered by a material near to it, the internal relay is operated and
is used for control purposes. It is maintenance free.

Wide Range of Materials
A wide range of materials such as grain, animal feed, plastic pellets, powders and confectionery items. Coming close to a proxwitch will cause it to operate. Being capacitive devices they can detect most materials both metallic and non – metallic.

The proxwitch range of capacitive proximity detectors is designed to control material flow by switching the drive motors of conveyors, augers, etc., when it senses the material.

Proxwitch 2 and 3
There are two types. The proxwitch 2 a direct switching unit and the more sophisticated proxwitch 3 which has an adjustable delay of up to 10 minutes. Switches can be gland mounted through a hopper or conveyor sidewall. Fitted externally to detect through a product container of compatible material or suspended above the product

The proxwitch design enables a variety of control applications to be met. A basic use for example would be to control a conveyor feeding pellets into a hopper. A suitably positioned proxwitch will sense when the hopper is full and switch off the feed conveyor. A proxwitch 2 will do this and switch the conveyor on again as soon as the material drops below the proxwitch.

The switch can sense the position of a liquid level through the side of a tank.

Stacking height and level when box loading onto a pallet or moving belt can be controlled.

Switch with delay feature can ensure a hopper or supply auger are completely cleared.


Supply                                     240 or 110 Volts AC 24 volts AC/DC   12 Volts DC 1VA

Switching                               Changeover contact. - Max rating  240 Volts AC 5 Amps resisted

Case                                        ABS filled

Delay                                      Proxwitch 2 0.5 sec
                                                 Proxwitch 3.1 sec without delay but adjustable 4 sec to over 10

Range                                     Up to 25mm (material dependant)

Temperature                         -10° to 55° Celsius

Dimensions                          31mm Diameter X 134mm. Long with 1.5metre cable.

Advice is Free  - Please ask if uncertain of suitability for intended use.

Coote Vibratory Ltd maintain a policy of continued development and therefore reserve the right to introduce changes in design and construction without prior notice.