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  • For the control of electromagnetic vibrators and vibratory feeders
  • Rotary or digital control
  • Precise feed adjustment
  • Full or half wave operation
  • Compact, robust unit
  • Simple installation

The R6 - 004 is a thyristor control unit, which is designed to offer a cost effective method of controlling electro magnetic feeders.

Feed rates can be accurately set and output for vibration rates varied.

Trimmers are provided for minimum and maximum levels of vibration.

Suitable for half or full wave feeders.

Control operation is by an integral 10-turn potentiometer or alternatively a digital potentiometer offering accurate feed control.

Slotted holes are provided in base plate to allow fixing by M4 bolts.

No additional cooling required.

Case houses mains cable entry.

Plug provided to suit locking load output socket.

The control circuitry is housed in a robust metal enclosure..

Sealing of the unit can be provided to conform to IP54 if necessary.

Terminals are provided for remote stop/start if required.

Circuitry includes a built in soft start to allow smooth feeder operation.

Technical Details
Input                                        230V 50/60 HZ

Output                                     6 Amps.

Output Frequency               50/100 HZ (full or half wave)

Control Input                         Volts free contacts.

Soft Start                                3 seconds

Case sealing                         IP40 as standard (IP54 to order)

Control method                   10 turn or digital potentiometer

Operating temperature       0° to 45º  Centigrade

Conforms to                         EN 50081 - 2, EN 50082 - 2 and VDE 0160

Case size                              205mm Length X 90mm Wide X 75 mm Deep

Advice is Free  - Please ask if uncertain of suitability for intended use.

Coote Vibratory Ltd maintain a policy of continued development and therefore reserve the right to introduce changes in design and construction without prior notice.