Control Range


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  • Vibratory feeder controls
  • Variable feed rate with accurate repeatability
  • Continuous feeding
  • Stop/start with timer
  • Stop/start with sensor
  • Stop/start with load cells

Controller Range
Coote Vibratory offer a variety of controllers to operate their range of vibratory feeder units and electro magnetic vibrators VC9 and VC11. Controllers are available from a basic but accurate cost effective model, to a more sophisticated unit offering several options and PLC control facility. Free standing and internal cabinet models are available.

Controller Types

  • 514 MODULE            ( Din rail mounted)
  • R6-004 –10T              (10 turn potentiometer)
  • R6-004-DIGITAL
  • CFV-10
  • 506 MODULE            ( Din rail mounted)

Main Features
CFV 10 -
Are most cost effective freestanding unit giving accurate feed rate control, whilst not offering the infinite fine control of our electronic versions.

R6-004-10T - Precise electronic control feed using thyristor circuitry. Suitable for full or half wave operation. Minimum and maximum trimming feature. Stop start terminals. Free standing.

R6-004-Digital As the R6-004-10T except setting is by digital potentiometer with read out.

506 Module (Din rail mounted) - Accurate electronic control with voltage stabilisation feature. Maximum and minimum trimming levels.
Full or half wave operation.

514 Module (Din rail mounted) - As the 506 but offering more options with PLC control facility.

Typical applications

Continuous Feeding
Controllers set to give a predetermined flow rate to deliver a given weight of product, e.g. Feeding onto a moving conveyor belt feeding into a mixing system started and stopped manually

Stop/Restart System
Controller will stop and restart the feeder flow.
Signal to stop and restart can be initiated by a timer, a sensor or a load cell.

For feeding into a container or onto an object. Knowing it’s linear speed the controller can operate from a timer e.g. Filling boxes, trays or coating items.

For feeding onto an item on a conveyor which is presented at variable intervals.
The controller can be operated via a sensor, which starts the feed when it
"sees" the item and stops when the item passes. e.g. Salt on fish steaks, coconut on cake bars.

For feeding given amounts into a container or a mix the controller is operated
by a load cell on which the container is placed.

Advice is Free  - Please ask if uncertain of suitability for intended use.

Coote Vibratory Ltd maintain a policy of continued development and therefore reserve the right to introduce changes in design and construction without prior notice.