Heat Sealer Range


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  • Units provide wide, strong seals
  • Fully automatic impulse sealing
  • Repeat seal quality
  • Seals double thickness 1000 gauge polythene
  • Simple digital control settings
  • Wide range of seal bar lengths
  • Power closure of seal bar
  • Free standing or bench mounted
  • Low maintenance
  • Adaptable to special requirements if sealer operation is not hindered

Foot switch or manual closure of seal bar initiates sealing process.
The brief heat pulse is followed by a cooling cycle after which the solenoids applying seal area pressure are de-energised.
The sealed material is released and the sealer is automatically reset for the next operation.
Visual indication of mains supply and heat/cool cycle are provided.
A digital switch permits easy heat/cool time settings and a compensatory factor ensures optimum seal under varying conditions.

Control Units
The self-contained plug in unit provides full automatic control of the complete sealing cycle.
It can be accurately reset to provide constant repeatable seal quality over a wide range of materials up to 1000 gauge.

Robust Construction
Fabricated mild steel casing in substantial gauge.
Finished in light grey powder coated paint.
Stainless steel construction to special requirements.

Special Versions
Additional features to suit customer’s requirements can be incorporated into the standard design if they do not hinder the operation of the sealer.

Models NC100 and NC 200 are supplied with rigid mild steel adjustable floor stands.
An optional sack support platform can be fitted to the stand if required.
The NC300 series are normally supplied for bench mounting only.

Low maintenance robust linkage single or twin solenoids depending on model.

Power Supply
230V AC - 1PH - 50/60 HZ or 110V AC to order

A full range of spares readily available.

Models Available
NC100 - Floor standing single solenoid - Single operating arm - Single heated sealing bar - Overall bar length 725mm.

NC100-D - As NC100 but with twin heated bars - Overall bar lengths available  425mm  525mm  725mm.

NC200 - Floor standing twin solenoids and operating arms - Twin heated sealing bars overall bar lengths  725mm   950mm   1150mm  1300mm.

NC200-D - As NC 200 but with double seal elements on each bar and one bar length of 725mm.

NC300 - Bench mounting twin solenoids and operating arms - Twin heated sealing bars overall bar lengths available 725mm    950mm    1150mm    1300mm.

NC310 - As NC300 but more compact version - Single heated sealing bar - Overall bar length is 350mm  425mm  525mm.

NC310-D - As NC300 but more compacted version - Twin heated sealing bar - Overall bar length is 350mm   425mm   525mm.

(Sack platform available for the NC 100 / 200 range if required)

Advice is free:- Please ask if uncertain for suitability for intended use.

Coote Vibratory Ltd maintain a policy of continued development and therefore reserve the right to introduce changes in design and construction without prior notice.