Curtain Feeder


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  • Handling of powder and granular materials
  • Accurate feed rate control
  • Purpose design for individual applications. (typical example above)
  • Incorporates the proven Coote Electro-magnetic Vibrator
  • Aluminium or stainless steel construction
  • No moving parts
  • Complete system with material sensing can be supplied
  • Maintenance free and easy clean

The unit has an integral feed hopper, which can easily be removed for cleaning.

Product fed into the hopper exits to a vibrating tray and is carried forward at a controllable rate passing through a metering gate at the discharge end of the tray. The product then leaves the tray in an even curtain across its width onto the item to be coated.

If required the curtain flow can be guided into separate lanes at the discharge point for coating individual items such as cakes, loaves etc.

System design can include the supply of electronic power control units giving accurate feed rates, product sensing and time control.

Tray widths are manufactured to customers requirements. Maximum recommended tray width is 1 metre.

We are happy to carry out preliminary flow trials with customers own product materials in our works.

Typical Applications

  • Finely distributed salt over roasted peanuts on a one metre wide conveyor
  • Dusting electrical insulating sheet with fine talc
  • Application of sesame seed topping to dough rolls via a number of lanes over the width of a conveyor using a product sensing system to achieve desired coverage without waste between rolls
  • Placing trimmings (nuts, sugar, etc.) over individual cakes or biscuits on a conveyor
  • Placing measured quantities of parasitic wasp larvae in bubble packs!
  • Application of sand finish to roof tiles, bricks, etc

Mounting of feeder is easy utilising boltholes in the unit base to attach to existing structures. Frames for free standing units can be supplied for special requirements (e.g. straddling conveyors). The lightweight construction of the feeder means any support structure can be of simple construction.

Power Requirements
230V AC 50 HZ as standard.
Alternative voltages to customers requirements.

Advice is Free  -  Please ask if uncertain of suitability for intended use.

Coote Vibratory Ltd maintain a policy of continued development and therefore reserve the right to introduce changes in design and construction without prior notice.